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Anlayana sivri sinek saz anlamayana davul zurna az.

Turkisch proverb

I am a spider. I have killed quite a few flies without casting a web. You see, I’m dangerously aggressive, I usually don’t need any intricate representations to get what I want. Therefore: when I talk to you, run, and you may live.

There was this one time, I found myself in Ankara. And yes, after my African stint, I did explore this country quite extensively. I’ve seen Doğubeyazıt, I’d seen İzmir, but nowhere did I encounter the kind of girls I saw in Ankara, and one in particular.

The first time I saw her, she was in a school uniform. White blouse, chequered skirt a few inches above the knee, black leather boots an inch below the knees, raven black wavy hair halfway down her back, bright red lips and runny mascara.

I asked her what was wrong, and she told me her boyfriend had left her after a couple of wild nights. To be sure – the school uniform worried me – I had to ask her age. I was an adult by then, and didn’t want to end up a paedophile in a Turkish dungeon. Eighteen – she was still in school because she had paid more attention to boys than to grades. So I thought I was going to be the rebound boy once again. Her appearance had most certainly given that desire.

We talked for a long time, and even though I tried to buzz like a fly – and she got my message about emotional connection and the need for understanding, I may as well have been screaming my desire through a clarion. She didn’t bite.

She said I was a wise man for my age, kissed me on the cheek and went into her home. I was already going in after her, when she shut the door in my face. I knew then I had to cast a web to catch this fly.

I did. I sweet-talked, presented and flattered her for two days before I first touched her naked body. No, she wasn’t naked; for some reason she insisted on wearing socks.

It didn’t matter. I was only the second man to be with her, so I first kissed her passionately, while I hugged and caressed her ever so gently. I let my hands go through her perfectly groomed shiny hair, I explored her back and gained the first delighted moan when I held her firm buttocks in my hands, my little finger slowly moving towards what matters.

That was the moment I unlocked my tongue from hers and started to move my mouth down her front. I kissed her breasts, nibbled on her nipples until they appeared hard as nails but remained warm and pleasurable to the touch. As I moved my mouth further down, she laid herself on the bed and my hands continued to stimulate her breasts. She was in the right place by then – it wasn’t long till her entire body tensed, and she dug her nails in my back, enjoying her first real orgasm; the first one, she told me, that she hadn’t brought upon herself.

As she drew blood from my back, though, I was done. I knew I’d fucked up, because now there was dna-evidence under her nails. This realisation instantly made my dick go limp.

As she laid there, post-climactic, I quickly gathered my wits. There now was only one way out. This was her home; her parents weren’t there. So I picked up her boot from the floor. The four inch heel had to do. With as much force as I could, I slammed the heel in her eye till it wouldn’t go any furhter. The pain surprised her. She screamed but then I took the heel oud, and tried the other eye. With both eyes gone, and most certainly a puncture in her brain, she quickly stopped moving. Blood was everywhere, and my skin was still under her nails. I then ransacked the place and found some flammable liquid. I doused her body in it, soaked her fingers in it, lit a match and dropped it. This would have to be enough.

As I left the building out the back, I herd someone get in through the front. I had to leave; not just the house, or this city, but also the country. I headed to the bus station, and was lucky enough to find a bus headed for Jerevan only an hour later. It was there that I got my next fly tattoo. I realised I’d have to be more careful, next time.

So there you have it; I am a spider, and I am dangerous. I’m learning quickly how to be more efficient – which means I’ll try to avoid casting a web because it quickly becomes a mess when I do.