I had joined wordpress quite a few years ago. It was dormant for a long time, but early 2020 I took a serious shot at reviving it. And I am engulfed by the response and feedback received from other co-bloggers. This place is full of positivity with no standard dogma to express your thoughts. I will like to thank each one of you for your endless love, encouragement and appreciation.

• Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
• Answer the 11 questions asked by the one who nominated you.
• Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
• Notify the nominees.
• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award image in your post.

Thank you Sheena Manocha 😇😇 – I am humbled and honored by the fact that that I was nominated for this prestigious award for the first time by Sheena Manocha of The other Aspect. As I state on my Dutch author’s website: ‘I write for my entertainment. And for yours’. It touches me that you are entertained by it!

Sheena has a nice way of putting things into perspective, and quite often in a way you hadn’t thought of yet – but with a sound ring of logical truth to it.

Questions Sheena Manocha asked me.

  1. What are some words or phrases you use most?

Well, I try my best to diversify when I write. Most things I post I reread twice, and if I find that I use the same word too often, I look for other ways to say it… Having said that, something I say often to my students, who can’t leave their smart phones alone, is: “If she can’t wait for you, she isn’t worth it! Now put down your phone, and listen to me.”

2. What do u prefer: blogging or fun chat with friends?

What friends?

3. Which language you want to learn?

None at the moment. I speak Dutch, English and Thai fluently. I can get by in Germany (though my German is not approaching anything called ‘good’). I’m very poor at learning languages when I’m not around people who don’t speak it to me all the time, so if I were to learn a new language, I’d have to migrate – again. What I’d love to learn for its pronunciation is Xhosa, or another language with clicks in it. Another language I’d like to master, but this time because its structure interests me is Turkish – as it doesn’t only have pre- and suffixes, but also infixes (and many other word forming options none of the languages I speak have). I fear I’ll never learn them, though. I’m not in the mood to migrate.

4. Name a movie which you can relate to? Why?

Tierra. It’s an old movie, and I haven’t seen it in a while. But it’s a lovely depiction of the vile choice between heavenly Love and earthly Love. Which do we go for? Having read the above, you’ll know I’ll have to watch this movie with subtitles; which is a pity, as translations are always wrong.

5. Your favourite cuisine?


6. Which post of my blog do you like the most and why?

The hardest question, as there are a few good ones to chose from. I’m very touched by this one, though.

7. What can totally impress you?

Places and things are irrelevant, it’s moments and people that need to be cherished. Create me a moment, be a special person, and I’m impressed.

8. If you could be teleport then which place it would be?

If this were a regular thing, for me, I’d eliminate my commute. I’d no longer take planes, trains or cars for holidays. If this were a one time thing… I’d not use it, because I’d have no way to get back. If I could do a return trip once, I’d teleport to another earth-like planet, to see if we’re alone – or not.

9. If you could have a super power then what you would be?

I am a teacher. What is your super power?

10. Who is your go to person? How are you related to them?

For fifteen years, I had one. She bore me two children, and then died on me. Last year, I thought I’d found a new one, but that was an illusion. I am floating, right now – my go to place is my pen.

11. Your residing place? Any finest place where you often visit?

The Netherlands, somewhere in the center of that country, but it’s so small, any place is nearby (the shortest car drive out if this country from my home is an hour and a half, the longest 3 hours, if you drive nothing but highways in one direction). I love to visit the river Waal, close to my home, and do so often. Every other year, though, I get to visit my favourite place in the whole world: khao phlai dam.

My nominees

Brian Langeose of Bonnywood Manor
Shaunak of Surreally Jibberish
Anushk@ of pillow_thoughts
blahblahblahjm of Bits of things that pop into this mind
WildHeart of Wild Scared Crazy
Tomboysdontcry of some day never comes (he’s not blogged for ages, but I still respect his work!)
And finally, yes, I know, I break the rules by not nominating 11, a blogger who I’ve only just started following, but whose writing I like very much: Erroneous Choices of Choices in Error.

Apologies to all the others I follow; I’m picky at what I read, and even pickier at what I enjoy.

My questions to the nominees

As I’ve only nominated 7, I’ll stick to 7 questions…

  1. What is your favourite post on your own blog, and why?
  2. What is wrong with you; why do you like spiders (if you’ve seen my posts from the beginning of the year, I know I am sick, but why you? This, of course, is tongue in cheek) or my narrow minded daddy? In other words – which series that I have posted appeals to you most?
  3. Poetry or prose? Elaborate.
  4. Blogs or books? Or both? And if both, in what setting do you prefer which?
  5. What is your favourite piece of word art you’ve ever laid eyes on (be it a book, a poem, or anything else artistic comprised of words)? Link please!
  6. What do you slow down for? What do you cancel all stressful things in life for?
  7. Cats or dogs? Why?