Ben Trein – I write for your entertainment and mine. I write on irregular basis. When something in the (inter)national news grabs my attention and something inside me urges me to share my opinion with the world, I write about it.

Also, at times, I get ideas for series of blog posts. When I do, I rename my blog to the topic of the series. Usually these series are fictional, although brushes with the real world are fully intentional. An example of this is the series written under the title ‘Confessions of my life as a spider’. It’s an erotic horror story, with hopefully for most a satisfying twist in #Thriteen – the last episode.

Ben Trein is a pseudonym; more of my writings in Dutch can be found at http://boek.bentrein.com. My main (unmaintained) domain is http://www.bentrein.com.

I do not have any social media presence. I found it a colossal waste of my time, and Cambridge Analytica; need I say more? I therefore rely on third parties sharing my blog; I pray you do. Any shares are much appreciated.

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