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Jesus has helped me heat my home.

I heat my home in a rather medieval way – with a wood-fire in a metal container. It’s a rather sophisticated metal container that heats the house more efficiently than just any random box. It even has a window through which you can see the fire consuming the wood. This has made for many a romantic evening, but that’s beside the point.

This morning, I attempted to make a fire. It’s December, which is the cold season where I live, so making a fire is part of my morning routine – complete with getting dressed and making breakfast, and consuming the latter.

For the first time in quite a while, the first attempt failed. The match ignited the newspaper in the stove, but somehow the subsequently lit cardboard box failed to ignite the wood I’d stacked on top of it. So, somewhat annoyed with myself, I tried a second time. I didn’t wait around to see what would happen. Mornings can be busy, you know. I went to do something else, planning to come back in a minute to add wood to the new fire.

A few minutes passed, and I went back to the stove, only to find a dark window – not the fire I expected. The window was so dark that I knew the whole thing to be filled with smoke. I muttered to myself:

“Jesus, still nothing?”

At that moment, something sparked inside and all the smoke went up in flames, before going out of the chimney. And that finally ignited the wood; so I put some more in. I’m now typing this in a comfortable room…

God is everywhere, and Jesus has helped me heat my home. Thank heavens; if I were so inclined, I’d be religious now. Unfortunately for the church, I do believe in coincidence. Do you?